Product testing often plays an important part when choosing the right sieve or filter for your application. With specialized test and research facilities in the UK, US, Belgium and India, technical representatives and customers are able to assess materials and equipment under controlled conditions. This gives you complete peace of mind before purchase.

Below are a wide range of applications being processed through Russell Finex equipment.

check-screening tablets

Check Screening Tablets

Check screening pharmaceutical tablets using an enclosed pneumatic conveying vibratory sieve.

vibro screen for separating tablets

Screeners for sorting tablets

Separating pharmaceutical tablets using Russell Finex vibro screen, the Finex Ultima.

screening machine for sieving chalk

Screening Machine for Sieving Chalk

Sieving chalk using the Russell range of Finex 22 vibrating screen best for pharma industry.

sieving sodium ascorbic acid

Sieving Sodium Ascorbic Acid

Sieving Sodium Ascorbate & Ascorbic Acid using the high capacity Russell Compact Sieve.

sieving machine for aerosil

Sieving Machines for Aerosil

Trial video demonstrating sieving of Aerosil with enclosed pneumatic conveying.

Ultrasonic sieving of Aerosil

Ultrasonic sieving solution for Aerosil

The Russell Compact Sieve® with an ultrasonic deblinding system ensures removal of contamination and free flow sieving of aerosil powder without mesh blockage Aerosil, also known as fumed silica is highly sensitive chemical powder which has an extremely low bulk density and high surface area. This substance acts as a very strong thickening and free […]