Screening solutions for sawdust

Grading solution sorts sawdust particles into 4 fractions to achieve particles of similar shape and size

A company was manufacturing blocks of sawdust by compacting sawdust particles. For this process, it is important to have particles of the same shape and size for effective compressing to minimize cavities. Therefore, it is necessary to grade product with an effective sieving machine to get the desired product quality. This demonstration video shows how the Finex Ultima™ vibro screen separator effectively grades sawdust particles into 4 fractions to achieve particles of the same shape and size in one operation.

The Finex Ultima™ is a high-performance vibro screen exclusively available for India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The unit is equipped with features such as an open frame design for maintaining machine hygiene, a unique rubber suspension to give maximum vibration to the sieve, fewer contact parts for easy cleaning and quick assembly and disassembly.

For over 80 years Russell Finex has been manufacturing and supplying an innovative range of sieving solutions to a wide variety of industries including metal powders, food, pharmaceutical, coatings and chemicals.

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