Separating Rubber Grindings

The Finex Ultima helps grade and separate rubber grindings into five fractions in one operation

Rubber is widely used in a variety of applications in many industries such as manufacturing, electrical and construction. A rubber manufacturer was looking for a separation solution to grade rubber grinding into five fractions, to then reuse the separate fractions for making different products. This demonstration video shows the Finex Ultima™ effectively grading and separating the rubber grindings into 5 fractions using different mesh sizes in one operation. Each fraction that is obtained is then used again in a variety of rubber based products, as well as reclaiming water which is recycled back into the production process.

The Finex Ultima™ is the latest development in separation technology, engineered to deliver high throughput rates with improved product quality. This industrial vibro separator is ideal for grading wet or dry applications on up to five fractions in one operation. It is a popular choice in the processing industry due to its hygienic design, high quality stainless-steel contact parts, and lower noise levels. Its tool-free assembly and disassembly also makes it an ideal machine for grading, screening, scalping and sizing for reuse.

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