Review of India Foodex Exhibition 2015

Russell Finex attracts visitors with live machine demonstrations

The seventh India Foodex exhibition took place in Bangalore on 21st 23rd August 2015. Media Today organisers provided an excellent platform for new innovative machinery and technology to be displayed from all over the word.

Russell Finex participated for the first time and was able to attract a large amount of footfall and enquiries by displaying their innovative range of screening and filtration equipment. Live demonstrations of machines, along with discussion and explanation of screening equipment on various applications, enticed visitors to find out more about how the equipment can help during sieving, screening or grading of food products like spices, flour, milk powder, nuts and oil.

The following screening and filtration equipment was on show at Russell Finex’s stand:

india foodex 2015 exhibitionFinex Ultima™: Exclusively for the Indian market, this vibrating screen is used for applications like spices, flours, sugar pellets, and food powders. It has the capacity to deliver increased production, quality and efficiency, and is fitted with unique rubber suspension mounts which help with uniform sieving and consistent separation. All contact parts are stainless steel, available in different sizes from 30″ to 60″ and can be custom built.

Russell Compact Sieve®: This vibrating sifter has the power to perform high capacity screening for wet and dry applications. The machine has been designed with the concept to deliver higher throughput and compact size for process lines where space is a challenge and demand is high. It can easily fit into existing production lines and, with less contact parts, is easy to dismantle and clean, reducing downtime.

Vibrasonic®Deblinding system: Mesh blinding can be prevented with this innovative technology which uses an ultrasonic frequency to break the surface tension, enabling increased screening by giving a clear mesh screen. This ultrasonic upgrade can be fitted to any new or existing vibrating sieve or separator.

Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®: Self-cleaning filters, used for liquid food applications such as chocolate, caramel and honey, to remove oversize contamination, improving product quality. It is fitted with a reusable filter element and self-cleaning SpiroKlene™ wiper system which reduces product wastage whilst also protecting operators and increasing production rates.

The next India Foodex will take place in Bangalore from 26th to 28th August 2016 and Russell Finex is already looking forward to participating again and repeating the success of this year.

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