Visit Russell Finex at International FoodTec 2014, Mumbai

Meet Russell Finex in Hall No 1, Stall No: B-47 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre

International FoodTec International FoodTec is organizing its 9th edition of India’s biggest trade fair for the food and drink processing industry which will take place during November 14th-16th 2014 in Mumbai. The Food and Drink industry is one of the fastest growing industry sectors in India and is expected to grow at an encouraging pace of 15%-20% over the next five years. International FoodTec is providing a platform where many multinational companies can increase their sales opportunities in the food and drink industry.

At International FoodTec, the complete range of the industry requirements will be displayed and supplemented by its concurrent events Dairy Universe India, Sweet and Snack Tec India, and PackEx India which are dedicated to the dairy industry, the sweet & snack processing industry and packaging industry respectively. Many overseas countries are also participating such as Germany, China, Italy, UK, Norway, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Canada etc.

One of the main areas where Russell Finex is serving is the food processing industry, where they have the widest range of separation equipment in the industry including vibro sifter, vibro screen, vibrating sieve, ultrasonic screen and self-cleaning filter. Attending the show will provide Russell Finex with the best opportunity to showcase their innovative products to the Indian market.

On the stand Russell Finex will be displaying the Russell Compact Sieve®, the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®, the Finex Ultima™ , and the Vibrasonic® Deblinding System.

The Russell Compact Sieve® is a vibro sifter designed for higher capacity safety screening specialized to remove all oversized contamination from powders and liquid slurries. Due to its compact design it gets fitted easily into existing production lines especially where space is restricted. This vibratory sifter provides a complete solution to problems associated with safety, contamination, space and productivity. It is suitable for all types of industries from small to large scale units and is available in fully stainless steel which boosts durability in corrosive environments.

The Finex Ultima™  is a revolutionary vibro screen specially designed for accurate screening, grading or sizing of wet and dry materials up to five fractions in a single operation. This vibro screen is known for its higher capacity and less noise levels due to unique rubber suspension mounts. The Finex Ultima is available in four sizes from 30″ to 60″ and contact parts are available in stainless steel which is ideal when working with corrosive products.

The Russell Eco Filter® is an industrial self-cleaning strainer designed to improve product quality by removing oversize impurities from all types of liquids and slurries. It is an enclosed system which has a unique SpiroKlene System that cleans the filter element and ensures higher production rates compared to other filtration methods as it does not require any stoppages to replace bags or cartridges. This self-cleaning filter can remove oversize contamination from 10 micron or above.

The Vibrosonic® Deblinding System is an ultrasonic screen designed to prevent mesh blinding to increase screening capacity by enabling powders to be sieved on finer meshes. It allows accurate separation down to 20 microns (#635). This ultrasonic anti-blinding system can be fitted into any new or existing vibrating screen or separator allowing you to increase productivity as well as product quality.

Russell Finex Sieves & Filters invites you to visit stand B 47 in International FoodTec at Bombay Exhibition Centre with a team specialized in sieving and filtration to suggest you the best model based on your requirements.

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