Review of PharmaTech Expo 2018

Russell Finex exhibits their innovative range of sieving and separation solutions for the first-time at PharmaTech Expo 2018, Chandigarh

This year PharmaTech Expo took place from 27-29 April 2018 at Parade Ground, Sector 17, Chandigarh with more than 150 exhibitors showcasing their latest innovations for the pharmaceutical industry.

This is the first year of Russell Finex participating at PharmaTech Expo, located at Hall No-A, Stand A-8 with their extensive range of pharmaceutical sieving and separation solutions. With live machine demonstrations, experts helped many visitors to understand the functionality of the machinery and networked with major pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Russell Finex at PharmaTech Expo

At the stand Russell Finex displayed the following pharmaceutical separation solutions:

The Finex Ultima™: This versatile vibrating screen to sieve pharmaceutical powders is equipped with the latest technology, including an open frame design for easy cleaning, a unique rubber suspension to give maximum vibration to the sieve and contact parts made of high-standard stainless steel to maintain pharmaceutical industry standards.

The Russell Compact Sieve®: This is a high-capacity safety sieving machine to screen pharmaceutical powders, designed with quick releasing clamps for tool-free assembly and disassembly, a unique rubber suspension to obtain consistent quality and high-quality stainless-steel parts for machine longevity.

The Vibrasonic® Deblinding System: This is a versatile sieving upgrade designed to prevent blinding or blocking of mesh screens from difficult pharmaceutical powders which stick onto the mesh and cause inconsistent sieving and mesh damage.

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Finex Ultima Russell

Vibro Screen & Industrial Separators

This revolutionary vibro screen separator is used to grade or classify material into different particle sizes on up to 5 fractions, enabling your company to enhance product quality and increase your profitability.


Vibro Sifter / Vibratory Sieve

Also known as safety screeners, this range of versatile sifters is used for quality assurance by checking for foreign contaminants and oversized material and removing them from your product.


Ultrasonic Deblinding Screen

Ultrasonic deblinding systems are used to eliminate mesh blinding when screening difficult powders. Using ultrasonics allows you to sieve on finer meshes, increase your screening capacity and reduce mesh breakage.

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