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High performance sieving and filtration equipment

All chemicals, whether a powder, granule, liquid, slurry or suspension, are produced using processes such as reaction, mixing, dispersion, milling or grinding. Sieving and filtration equipment for the chemical industry is typically required after each process as a form of quality assurance or to refine or correct chemical products before they can be transferred to the next stage of production.



Russell Finex supplies process equipment for many different applications and boasts an impressive reference list for supplying equipment to major chemical companies worldwide.

Some key applications


A continuously growing industry, Russell Finex can help agrochemical producers achieve the best product quality possible without sacrificing productivity. Whether you are producing herbicides for weed control, fungicides to control fungi growth or insecticides to reduce the effect of insects on crops, we can offer you a separation solution that fits your requirements.

Recommended products: Finex Ultima, Russell Eco Filter


Due to increased environmental concerns over the processing of solvents, it is vital to reduce the environmental impact of solvent production. Our sieves and filters have been repeatedly tested to satisfy solvent manufacturers and will provide you with both reliability and performance. In addition, since most organic solvents are flammable, Russell Finex offer fully explosion proof and ATEX certified equipment to operate in gaseous or dust environments.

Recommended products: High Speed Finex 22, Russell Eco Filter


Products such as salt (NaCI), talc (soapstone) and limestone (CaCO3) are extremely common and used in high volumes. Thereforeit is essential to ensure reliable removal of contamination without jeopardizing production capacities. It is also important to ensure accurate particle size distribution is achieved as this can have a direct impact on the performance and quality of the end product.

Recommended products: Russell Compact Sieve, Finex Ultima 

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"With the Russell Compact Sieve installed at the end of the production line, the quality of the product is guaranteed. This extra quality check assures us that our product is contamination free. We are very satisfied with our purchase and would recommend Russell Finex to other manufacturers who have a screening requirement."
Promat International N.V.
Koen Nijs