Coating Industry Sieving Equipment

Sieving and filtration machinery within the coatings industry

Every type of coating from liquid paint, to inks and dyes, to powder coatings need to be filtered or screened to guarantee its quality, in terms of producing the intended final finish.


We have worked closely with hundreds of coating companies over the years, and have built up an impressive reference list of major coating customers.

Some key applications

Liquid Paint
Liquid Paint

Whether you produce paints that are for industrial or domestic use, and designed for brushing, spraying or rolling, we have a solution for you that efficiently removes contamination from your product.

Recommended products: Russell Eco Filter, High Speed Finex 22

Powder Coatings

Sieves are an essential part of the process to ensure the consistency of your final products is upheld. However, the biggest single sieving problem created in powder production is mesh blinding. The Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding system overcomes this problem by using ultrasonic frequency to ensure the sieve mesh remains clean at all times.

Read more about our sifters for Powder Coatings.

Recommended products: Russell Compact Sieve, Russell Vibrasonic Deblinding System

Inks & Dyes
Inks and Dyes

With a multitude of inks and dyes used in the coatings industry, we understand that it is important to remove undispersed pigments to improve overall product quality. Russell Finex have developed a range of effective filtration equipment and techniques, matched to meet this essential quality control measure and ever-increasing customer demands.

Recommended products: Russell Eco Filter, Russell Compact Sieve, Vibrasonic Deblinding System


With the industry becoming increasingly regulated by environmental and legislative issues, we have the right solutions to ensure you are safeguarding your product quality while meeting all necessary requirements. Whether your resins are for the decorative market, the protective and maintenance market or the industrial market, we can help.

Recommended products: Russell Eco Filter


Whether you are a producer of plastisols intended for the automotive market, for flooring, wall coatings, roof coatings or for adhesives or additives, we can help improve your product quality.

Recommended products: Russell Eco Filter, High Speed Finex 22, Russell Compact Sieve

Paper Coatings
Paper Coatings

From screening starches, clay, latex and color pigments, to filtering water and inks, we understand the market and can recommend a solution to improve your product quality.

Recommended products: Russell Compact Sieve, Finex Ultima, Russell Eco Filter

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"Any risk of product contamination has been eliminated completely with the Russell compact screeners. Compared to the rotary units we replaced, they are very simple to dismantle and clean. In addition, we no longer have pieces of nylon mesh finding their way into the product which was a frequent problem we experienced with the rotary screening machines."
Jotun A/S
Idar Larsen