Metal Powder Sieving Equipment

Sieving and screening machinery for the metallurgy industry

MetallurgyFor over 50 years, Russell Finex have been supplying practical solutions to the metallurgy industry. From sieves to ultrasonic deblinding solutions, we have the right equipment and knowledge to help improve the quality of your metal powders.

In all sectors of metal powder production, there is a requirement for accurate particle size distribution. With our market-leading separation equipment, we can give you the tools you need to achieve this.

Some key applications

Mesh Blinding

The biggest single problem in sieving metal powders is mesh blinding, where the apertures of the mesh screen are blocked. Mesh blinding can cause reduced sieving capacity, inconsistent particle specification and reduced sieve mesh life.

The Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding system overcomes this problem by using ultrasonic frequency to ensure the sieve mesh remains clean at all times.

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Metal powders are often sieved following reduction and grinding processes. This removes oversize, un-milled particles or agglomerates, ensuring accurate particle size distribution. Powder metallurgy sintering and pressing also relies on accurate particle size, so it is crucial to ensure the product is sieved and graded to achieve the highest possible quality.

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Additive Manufacturing (AM) Powders
sieving machine for additive manufacturing

A fully automated powder recovery system for the additive manufacturing industry, these powder handing systems are designed to meet the specific requirements of various additive manufacturing printing powders, from ceramic, plastics, sand, and metals. Such systems can be applied to various technologies from Binder Jetting, EBM, and SLM, whilst guaranteeing the quality and purity of virgin and recycled AM powders on any scale, and at any stage of the production process to both end users and equipment manufacturers.

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"The atomising package along with the Russell Finex machines have dramatically increased the company’s production levels more than 4-fold. The sieving units have allowed them to streamline their operational efficiency by preventing bottlenecks and increasing productivity."
Atomising Systems
Dr Paul Rose