The Russell Finex Cascade System Increasing Sieving Capacity

Russell Finex Cascade System for vibro screen separatorThe Russell Cascade System is an additional option for a vibro screen which offers higher throughputs without the need for purchasing larger, more expensive screening machines. The system fits easily onto your existing vibrating screen machine just like a standard sieve deck and can be used on 48″ and 60″ diameter round vibro separators. For those plants and factories where increased capacities is requires but space is a problem and therefore a larger machine is not possible, the cascade system is mounted on your existing sifter eliminating the problem of buying another larger machine which requires extra space.

In this system two screens of the same mesh size are used  with the upper screen being marginally smaller in diameter than the lower one. The smaller screen is fitted above the larger size and the material which is being screened is fed onto the upper screen. From here it will either pass through the top mesh and be taken out from the discharge outlet or fall over the edge of the top mesh onto the  below screen where it will get screened. Particles of the required size which are screened on the lower mesh will be discharged in the normal manner.  All oversize particles are discharged from the lower screen.  By utilizing this two phase separation process screening capacity can be increased by up to 70 percent as compared to a standard vibrating separator of the same diameter because mesh area is increased. The Cascade System for the vibro screen separator is best suited to applications where the particle size of the powder which is to be screened is very close to the aperture of the mesh size. In this kind of situation screening of such particles becomes difficult and having the extra mesh area improves the throughput considerably.

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