Increase throughput with ultrasonic sieving equipment

Typically used for eliminating the blinding and blocking of sieve meshes the ultrasonic vibro sifter, also known as the Vibrasonic® Deblinding System (VDS) can also be used to increase throughput.

When screening is inherently difficult to sieve products such as those with small particles or that are sticky in nature, mesh blinding or blocking can occur. When the mesh blocks, material will build up on the mesh which can compromise screening efficiency and reduce throughput. The ultrasonic vibro sifter works by applying an ultrasonic frequency to the sieve mesh which breaks down surface tension. This effectively makes the stainless steel mesh wires friction-free, preventing particles from blinding or blocking the sieve mesh.

VDS System for Ultrasonic Vibro Sifter

For applications where mesh blinding or blocking does not occur an ultrasonic vibro sifter can offer increased throughput. This is especially beneficial when space does not allow for a larger diameter machine. Throughputs can be increased with the use of Vibrasonics as the ultra-high frequency vibration which is being produced by the system fluidises the material being sieved causing it to pass through the sieve mesh quicker. When combined with the lower frequency vibration of vibro screens it is common for throughput to be doubled for many products.

Benefits of the Vibrasonic Deblinding System (VDS)

Improved & consistent product quality

  • Screen powders on finer meshes (down to 20 microns – #635 mesh)
  • By eliminating mesh blinding sieving efficiency is not compromised and therefore product quality remains consistent throughout a production run

Increased production output

  • The vibro screen mesh remains clear eliminating downtime to clean mesh blockages
  • Sieving capacities can be increased by up to 10 times

 Reduced costs

  • Loss of good product is reduced
  • Eliminates mesh damage normally associated with mechanical cleaning devices
  • Increases mesh life

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