High capacity sieving machine for pharmaceutical powders

The Russell Compact Airlock Sieve is a high containment sifter for active pharmaceutical ingredients

A user-friendly vibratory sifter incorporating the patented TLI (twist, lock and inflate) airlock clamping system designed to provide effortless operation while maximizing screening performance. The Russell Compact Airlock Sieve™ is one of Russell Finex’s finest sifters accurately removing oversize contamination, ideal for check screening your incoming ingredients on the primary side right through to finished powders on the secondary side of your production facilities. The cGMP design of the screener is based on clean lines, making sanitation easier and enhancing performance.

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How it works

These machines are able to provide substantial improvements in product containment with its patented TLI (Twist, Lock and Inflate) pneumatic clamping system. Simply place the component parts into the base and locate them by twisting and locking the lid. An inflatable seal then locks the components in place. This reduces the dust and improves your operators’ health and safety, providing validatable OEL 5 containment (less than 1µg/m3).

Features & Benefits

  • Improves your product quality – Eliminates oversized contamination from your powders
  • Reduces cleaning downtime – The unit dis-assembles quickly and easily without the need for tools. All contact parts are fully washable
  • Improves your operators’ health and safety – The patented validatable clamping system gives a consistent and high seal against product leakage. This in turn protects your operators from harmful dust

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