Sieve Shakers and Self-Cleaning Strainers

Russell Finex LogoWith experience of 80 years in screening and filtration Russell Finex prides themselves in serving industries such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, metal powders, ceramics, coatings, water processing and recycling. Supplying vibro screens, industrial sieve shakers and in-line strainers across the globe Russell Finex are worldwide leaders in their field and provide innovative separation solutions for a wide range of applications. With first class knowledge and experience, Russell Finex can advise you on the most appropriate vibro screen, vibro separator, vibro sifter or in-line strainer for your application.

vibro screen within a coatings plantWhy choose Russell sieve shakers and self-cleaning strainers

  •  Worldwide presence: Providing support in over 140 countries with a wide network of experienced distributors and agents and companies in India, UK, USA and Belgium and offices in Spain, Sweden and China.
  • Localized representation: With headquarters in New Delhi and fully fledged support from an experienced team of engineers working around India, Russell Finex a vibro screen manufacturer in Delhi is on hand to provide support when needed and understand local issues.
  • Offer custom-tailored solutions: Serving the industry since 1934 innovation is of prime importance enabling Russell Finex to offer separation solutions which are made to fit your requirements.
  • Supremacy in manufacturing: All Russell sieve shakers and in-line strainers have been engineered with high quality to serve the global market.
  • Complete sale service: Russell Finex aims to deliver a comprehensive pre and post-sale service with overall customer satisfaction.
  • Functional test and research centre: Trial your products at your production house or at Russell Finex’s specialized test facility for complete satisfaction before making a purchase.
  •  Good value for money: Russell Finex products improve production efficiency and raise effectiveness helping you to elevate your business to the next level.

The main aim of Russell Finex is to provide high quality and innovative screening and filtration solutions and that is why an ample amount of time and money is invested into product development programmes. These improve the existing product range bringing more efficient products to the market. Furthermore new processing methods and technologies are monitored and their product range is developed accordingly to provide an improved, safer and cost effective production system.

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