Component parts for sifting machines

Russell Finex offers large variety of sifter upgrades to enhance your machines performance

Russell Superclamp

Superclamp for vibro sifterBoost the life of your vibro sifter and reduce clamp replacement with the Russell Superclamp™ (patent pending)
The Russell Superclamp is an innovative quick release clamping system for the Finex 22 and Russell Compact Sieve® range of vibro sifters. It provides consistent and uniform clamping pressure offering many benefits such as increased life of clamp pads, seals and gaskets and reduced chances of damage to the surface of the vibro sifter decks. It also minimizes the heat generation which happens due to insufficient clamping and overcomes the problems most often related with re-adjusting the under clamps.

The Russell Superclamp uses threaded spindle pads with a spring-loaded pressure pad which is set-up to constantly give the exact clamping force to the sealing faces without any manual adjustment.

Why install the Russell Superclamp:

a) Scale down maintenance and running costs: Increases life of clamp pads, gaskets & sieve decks
b) Enhance containment of your product: Provides correct and even clamp pressure for optimum sealing
c) Cut down maintenance and running costs: Reduces operator involvement
d) Reduces Downtime: Provides effective clamping without the need for re-adjustment.

Easy-Clean Magnetic Separator for vibrating sifters

Magnetic separator for vibro sifterThe stainless steel Easy-Clean Magnetic Separator™ helps to wipe out the problem of ferrous contamination improving product quality. It works by attracting ferrous particles to the magnetic bars which firmly holds the particles onto its bars, keeping the unwanted material out of the final product. The number of bars in place is optimized to strike the right balance between coverage of open space and magnetic field strength without restricting throughput rates.

The Easy-Clean Magnetic Separator™ has a unique open-ended design which allows ferrous particles to be wiped to the ends of the bars where it can be removed easily. This is possible because instead of being directly welded to the ends of a round frame the bars are attached to a central beam, leaving free space between the end bars and the frame. This design reduces downtime and operator involvement.

The Easy-Clean Magnetic Separator™ can be used on the Russell Compact Sieve® range of vibro sifters, including the high-containment Russell Compact Airlock Sieve™, as well as the Finex 22™ model.

Russell Vibrastop

The latest in starter technology the purpose of the Russell Vibrastop™ is to give rapid start up and shut down whilst removing excessive movement of your vibro sifter.

Vibrastop on vibro sifterVibration is transmitted into a vibro sifter by means of a vibratory electric motor. During start up and shut down the motor of the vibro sifter passes through its resonant frequency. There are two phases which cause the motor to pass through its resonant frequency. The first is during start up and occurs because it takes a short time for the motor to reach its full operating speed. The second is through the shutdown period and occurs before the motor comes to a complete rest. This resonance can cause heavy noise and excessive movement to the vibro sifter, which can lead to early wear of components such as clamps, gaskets and flexible connectors.

The Russell Vibrastop™ eliminates excessive movement during the start-up and shutdown of your vibro sifter. By bypassing the vibro sifters resonant frequency shutdown of the sieve is almost instant (within half a second), therefore protects your vibro sifter and connecting equipment from damage saving you time and money.  To suit most production environments the Russell Vibrastop™ is capsulated in a stainless steel IP66 enclosure.

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