High Capacity Eco 900 straining solution part of the Self-Cleaning range

The Eco 900 is part of the award winning self-cleaning strainer range from Russell Finex. Capable of handling high flow rates of up to 200,000 litres per hour without compromising on production outputs it has been designed especially for applications such as bulk water filtration and high capacity liquid processing.

This 900 series is capable of filtration levels down to 25 microns and can handle high volumes of products such as chemicals, inks, resins, paints, coatings, glues, dispersions, emulsions and suspensions.

The flexible design of this self-cleaning strainer allows it to be connected to pipework up to 10″ in diameter. This allows it to handle extremely high capacities which you would normally need multiple units for.  This also allows controlled processing with consistently high flow rates as the larger pipe connections reduce differential pressure across the filter.

Self Cleaning Strainer Series The 900 series has been engineered to provide high product quality and reduced maintenance costs. This easy to use self-cleaning strainer is quiet in operation and like the other models in the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® range can be installed into existing production lines. There are two filter element options available, wedge wire or fine hole microscreens. The wedge wire screen is used for high capacity filtration, while Russell’s unique 316 stainless steel microscreen gives remarkable accuracy at filtration levels down to 25 microns due to its aperture which is defined in two dimensions.

All industrial strainer elements are re-usable which eliminates the cost of disposing of bags and cartridges used in conventional units but also the loss of good product.

The self-cleaning strainer achieves consistently high flow rates due to the unique SprioKlene™ system. Suspended within the filter element this system uses a spiral wiper to continuously clean the entire inner surface of the screen. This enclosed system helps in removing contamination from the product by keeping oversize particles away from the filtration area. Differential pressures are also kept low and a consistent flow rate can be maintained.

All contact parts of the self-cleaning strainer are made of stainless steel. It is totally enclosed to ensure that no fumes affect the operator or environment and no contamination enters the product.  The body can also be jacketed to keep the product at the required temperature.

Easy to install, operate and maintain, the Eco 900 series is designed for easy handling by one person. It reduces downtime and saves labor as no tools are required for strip-down and product line changeover can be operated smoothly with no further delay. Explosion proof and flameproof units can be supplied for operation at temperature in excess of 200C. Options of electric drive or air drive for flameproof environments are available.

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