Why Test?

Russell Finex believe in testing product machines before making purchases and have therefore equipped their four main sites in the UK, USA, Belgium and India with latest testing and research technologies. Their well-established test and research facilities allow trials on the whole range of Russell Finex vibro sieves, vibrating screens and in-line self-cleaning strainers to all customers with their product material and also allows customers to take trials with Russell Finex machinery at their own manufacturing unit before making a purchase. This is a video where customers with their own experience handling the machinery and total relief that the equipment they have selected is best for their application.

A testing success story

Altro a global flooring manufacturer experienced an increase and therefore decided to expand their flooring product range. Russell Finex was already working with Altro since 8 years and being aware of the Altro concern suggested a sieving solution which can meet their exact requirement.

After a short consultation, an onsite vibro sifter product trial was arranged for a 600 mm diameter Russell Compact Sieve® which was installed within the new processing line to enable their staff to monitor the effectiveness and suitability for the machine. Sieving recycled glass during the trial proved very successful and it was decided that the Compact Sieve® was the machine needed to meet the production demand.

“It was important for us to be able to trial the sieve at our facility prior to purchase. It allowed us to put the machine through the toughest conditions and it needed to succeed to ensure that product quality would not be compromised” says Richard Holt, manufacturing Shift Team Leader.

Six Russell Compact Sieve® were supplied to Altro and fitted to safeguard the quality of their final product.

Trials give the opportunity for you to fully evaluate the return on investment on a new purchase. Russell Finex recommends machine trials because it is important for the customers to know about the separation equipment they are purchasing so that they will be 100% satisfied with the machine they selected.

Read more about Russell Finex vibro sifters used to sieve recycled glass at Altro, or Contact Us and find out how you can test and trial your product on our range of separation equipment and purchase a machine customized to your specific needs.

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