Ultrasonic mesh deblinding solutions

The Russell Finex Vibrasonic® Mesh Deblinding system prevents mesh blinding, pushing performance levels and production line efficiency to a higher level, improving the quality of final products giving customers an improved way of processing.

Russell Finex Ultrasonic Vibro ScreenThe ultrasonic deblinding sifter has changed the scenario of screening difficult materials including light and sticky powders such as electrostatic powder paint, stainless steel powder, iron powder, tungsten carbide and manganese sulphide.

Preventing mesh blinding gives many benefits including increased production output. Performance and capacity can be increased as no blockages of the mesh occurs meaning they remain clear and powder can pass through easily. This also reduces the downtime to clean the mesh as it stays clear from blockages.

Preventing mesh blinding also reduces the loss of good product. The ultrasonic vibro screen accurately screens powder in a single pass, maximizing screening capacity and helping prevent  the need to re-screen good product, which saves  both time and money by increasing production output and product quality.

Straight Bar Resonator (SBR) is the most robust and efficient mesh screen used with the Vibrasonic® Deblinding System and offers more accurate sieving than standard mesh screens. SBR is especially designed to suit larger diameter mesh screens and uses a straight bar ultrasonic distribution element with a single probe. This ensures maximum screen coverage and keeps an even activity level over the surface of the whole mesh ensuring product quality remains consistent throughout the production run.

This system can be customized according to specific requirements. An easy to use touch sensitive control panel is mounted on the generator box allowing users to adjust the ultrasonic activity level. In addition, the multistage feature means the system’s performance can be changed to the optimum level suitable for dealing with challenging applications.

The Vibrasonic® Deblinding System can be easily fitted to an existing sieve or screener upto 60″ in diameter, even if it is not a Russell Finex model.

Russell Finex has expertise in technologies for screening and ultrasonic deblinding equipment and is the only manufacturer to offer both. This is necessary as they need to be set up together to achieve the optimum performance by combining one technology with the other. Ultrasonic sifters are also known by sono screen, or sono ultrasonic vibro screens. Contact Russell Finex today and find out how this technology can help your product.

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