Wide Range of Screening Machines

Russell Finex offer wide range of screening solutions

Russell Finex worldwide leader in manufacturing screeners and filtration equipment offer a wide range of high capacity, low profile vibro screens and vibro sifters to give effective safety screening of powders and liquid slurries.

Extended range of vibro screenThe Russell Compact Sieve® range of vibro sifters & screens were first invented over two decades ago. This versatile vibro sifter machine is highly acclaimed and has become the most successful vibrating screen globally. Due to its compact size and easy clean design this vibro sifter is a vital piece of equipment for any processing plant and has been installed in a wide range of industries all over the world.

Two of the key features of the Russell Compact Sieve® are the high performance rubber suspension system and easy and quick release clamping. The unique rubber suspension mount system of this vibro screen helps it transmit maximum vibration to the mesh screen surface, a feature which is not found in conventional spring mounted systems. In combination with its straight through design this vibro screen gives higher flow rates with enhanced product separation whilst also giving quieter operation (less than 70dBA).

In all businesses the key to achieving maximum profit is by minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. With that in mind this vibro screen has been designed specifically with minimal product contact parts. Also by including quick release toggle clamps instead of traditional band-clamp systems, rapid cleaning and mesh screen changing can be done without the need of extra operators and other tools. This means within a few minutes a single operator can disassemble the screener, change and clean the mesh screen and reassemble without any help from others.

The Russell Compact Sieve® is available for small as well as large scale applications with sizes ranging from a 10″ lab unit up to a 60″ production scale unit. Any small scale manufacturing facility unit or large production plant can be sure to have the right screener to match their production requirements and improve product quality. There are also a wide range of options available for different applications including, the Compact Airlock Sieve™ for high containment sieving,  the Compact Airswept Sieve™ for vacuumized transfer and the Compact 3in1 Sieve™ with  bag tipping station.

All sizes are available in fully stainless steel which boosts durability especially in corrosive environments. Product contact parts can also be brush or mirror polished, an option ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications.

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