EBM Powder Recycling – AMPro 400S EBM

Specifically designed for the EBM printing process, with a highly efficient solution to recondition unused powder

Electron beam melting (EBM) is an additive manufacturing method where a concentrated beam of electrons melts metal powders, layer by layer, to build a component. The Russell AMPro® 400S EBM has been specifically designed for this EBM process and is an on-demand unit which can be fully integrated into any depowder station to reclaim and requalify unused powders from the build envelope.

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Typical uses:

Reclaiming and reconditioning powders – Connected directly to the depowder station, powder can be conveyed, sieved and returned to the printer feed hoppers automatically.

Features and benefits:

  • Controllable and repeatable sieving process – allows for multiple vessels to be loaded, and the rate of which powder flows into the storage vessels can be easily controlled.
  • Maximum powder recovery – removes out-of-spec powder and reclaims the reusable powder ready to use.
  • Reduces cross-contamination – utilizing the Russell Compact Sieve® ensures minimal contact parts, making it easy to strip down and clean.
  • Versatile sieving system – with a compact design, it is flexible to suit any production process configuration.
  • Minimal operator involvement – with a simple one-button automation systems and programmable settings.