Liquid Solid Separation

Industrial liquid solid separation equipment continuously removes solids from liquid slurries

The Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ is an effective solution for the removal of solid materials and contamination from liquid slurries. Using centrifugal force, this machine achieves high capacities on mesh sizes as low as 20 microns, ideal for minimizing effluent disposal costs and reducing product wastage. Suitable for any process that requires separating fibrous solids from liquids, the Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ can match the high capacity of vibratory screens up to 60” to increase your production rates.

The separator is operator-friendly and simplifies the separation process. Easy to optimize, disassemble and clean, this machine can be easily maintained by a single operator. An optional spray bar system is also available for backflushing the mesh, further streamlining the cleaning process.

A multi-purpose machine, the Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ can be adapted to suit your processing needs to improve your production and achieve optimum separation quality.

Other liquid solid separation equipment:

Screening of high volumes of liquid slurry

Liquid solid separation equipment for continuous removal of solids from liquids

Russell Liquid Solid Separator

The Russell Liquid Solid Separator is ideal for removing solids from high volumes of liquid slurry and are commonly used to reduce product wastage and the cost of disposing effluent streams.

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High-capacity safety screening

Vibrating sieve for checking screening liquids and powders

Russell Compact Sieve

High capacity screening of powders and liquid slurries, fitting neatly into production lines without compromising screening capacity. Available in a range of sizes from 400mm up to 1500mm diameter.

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Multi-purpose mobile screening for liquids and powders

Versatile powerful vibrating screen machine

Finex 22 Sieve

This 600mm diameter screener is capable of safety screening, as well as accurate grading of powders and granules. High speed versions are also available for screening difficult powders and high viscosity liquids.

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Typical applications of the Liquid Solid Separator:

MaterialAperture Size µCapacity
 MicronMesh Countltr/hr(US) gal/hr
Curds & Whey4040042,00011,100
Waste Water100150100,00026,000
Wool Scour12012520,0005,300
Wheat Starch Liquor10015015,0004,000

If you cannot find the separation equipment that best meets your needs, please Contact Us with your unique requirements, and we will get back to you in how we can help.

"With reduced waste disposal costs and greater production uptime, the Liquid Solid Separator is playing an integral role in helping Finlay’s remain the UK’s leading manufacturers of decaffeinated and specialty teas."
Malcolm Eade, Plant Manager

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Frequently asked questions

What is liquid solid separation and how does it work?
Liquid solid separation is used in processing industries that require the separation of solid matter from liquid. Through centrifugal force, denser solid particles are separated from lighter liquids and discharged separately in a continuous process.

What are liquid solid separators used for?
Liquid solid separators are typically used to filter wastewater, either in effluent streams or even aboard ships. Moreover, they are also used in the dairy industry to separate curds from milk in the production of cheese, as well as other food production such as juice concentration, or clarification, and sugar recovery.