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Filter contamination and oversize agglomerate from liquid products with an industrial self-cleaning strainer

Designed for ease of operation and maintenance, Russell Finex’s range of industrial in-line filters has been designed to increase the efficiency of production lines, increasing productivity, while easily fit into existing production lines. The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®, which uses a unique SpiroKlene™ wiper system, ensures optimum filtration efficiency, and removes oversize down to 15 microns.

Due to its self-cleaning design, this unit works to increase production rates, with no stoppages needed to change strainer elements or slowing of throughput due to blockages. This wiper system also eliminates the need for bags, which reduces ongoing costs and is environmentally friendly. The system is completely enclosed, minimizing product contamination, and safeguarding the health and safety of operators from hazardous fumes or liquids.

Watch a test video showing the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter in action

Available in a range of different models – including the 400 to 600 series – and in a horizontal orientation, these self-cleaning strainer models can easily be adapted to fit anywhere into your production line, improving sieving efficiency and accessibility for the operator.

Self-cleaning filters options:

Liquid filter for sanitary applications

Sanitary filter for optimum cleaningRussell Hygiene Filter

A high-specification Russell Eco Filter 803 designed for optimum cleaning, meeting the demands of the food and pharmaceutical industries where product quality cannot be compromised.

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High temperature filtration up to 250°C (480°F)

High temperature in-line filter for filtering liquids up to 250°CHigh Temperature Filters

Fully enclosed filtration of high temperature liquids such as resins and cooking oil to safeguard operators. Fitted with an offset drive, self-cleaning wiper system and heating jacket.

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High flow filtration up to 200,000 l/hr (50,000 g/hr)

High flow filtration filter

Russell Eco Filter 900 series

The largest filter in the range suited to high flow applications such as effluent or water filtration, providing accurate filtration levels down to 25 microns and achieving flow rates of up to 200,000 l/hr (50,000 g/hr) whilst providing consistent high product quality.

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Automated filtration

Monitors self-cleaning in-line filtersRussell Filter Management System

Continually monitor and control a liquid filter efficiently without operator involvement, resulting in reduced labor costs and increased productivity.

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Typical applications:


Aperture Size






Liquid Chocolate





Emulsion Paint





High Temp. Phenolic Resins





Plastisol based coating





Offset Ink





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"Compared to our previous manual filtration system, the enclosed Eco Filters have allowed us to achieve good housekeeping and reduce labor costs."
Mr. V M Salunkhe


Frequently asked questions

How do self-cleaning filters work?

Self-cleaning filters separate oversize particles from liquids. A stainless steel microscreen separates these particles from the liquid  while a rotating wiper system continuously cleans the inside of the screen, keeping it free from blockage.

What are the applications of a self-cleaning filter?

Self-cleaning filters are used in a wide range of applications including food and beverage, coatings, chemicals and water treatment. Different mesh sizing and options make self-cleaning filters very versatile to suit the varied filtering requirements across these different industries.