Vibro Sifter / Vibratory Sieve

The Russell Compact Sieve® range – protecting the quality of your liquid and powder products

The Russell Compact Sieve® range of efficient vibro sifters is engineered for the removal of oversize contamination from liquids and powders. Thanks to its compact nature, these sifters can easily fit anywhere on your production line, taking up less than half the height of conventional sifters, but giving a larger sifting capacity.

Available in a range of sizes and options to match your requirements, the Russell Compact Sieve® is an ideal solution for high-capacity sieving. Compared to standard sieves, these sifters offer a higher throughput per unit mesh area to further increase your production rates.

For convenience and hygiene, the vibro sifter can be easily stripped down and cleaned without the need for tools. Its enclosed design prevents leakage of harmful dust or fumes. This means further production efficiency through reduced downtime and the protection of operator health. Moreover, the Russell Compact Sieve® uses rubber suspension mounts instead of springs to reduce noise levels below 70dBA.

Russell Compact Sieve options:

High-capacity safety screening

Vibrating sieve for checking screening liquids and powders

Russell Compact Sieve

High capacity sieving of powders and liquid slurries, fitting neatly into production lines without compromising screening capacity. Available in a range of sizes from 400mm up to 1500mm diameter.

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High containment screening

Airlock SieveRussell Compact Airlock Sieve

This unique screener utilizes a revolutionary patented pneumatic clamping system, achieving high throughputs as well as providing a fast, reliable and repeatable dust-tight seal with minimal operator involvement.

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Screen hand-fed raw ingredients from bags

Vibro sieve for checking screening bagged ingredients

Russell Compact 3in1 Sieve

Designed specifically for safety screening products with low-level bag emptying; integrating an ergonomic tipping station, magnetic separator and sieve within one system.

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Check-screen and convey powders and granules in one operation

Vibrating sieve for conveying and check screening material from storage locations to next process stage

Russell Compact Airswept Sieve

Pneumatic conveying and check-screening of material from storage locations to the next process stage, in one dust-tight operation, minimizing the risk of product inhalation.

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Dust-free fully automated screening of powders and granules

Vibrating sieve for checking screening small batches

Russell Compact Self-Loading Sieve

A complete stand-alone system which conveys, screens and discharges material in one easy operation. Powders and granules can be screened and conveyed up to five meters with minimal operator involvement.

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Multi-purpose mobile screening for liquids and powders

Versatile powerful vibrating screen machine

Finex 22 Sieve

This 600mm diameter screener is capable of safety screening, as well as accurate grading of powders and granules. High speed versions are also available for screening difficult powders and high viscosity liquids.

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Dust-free screening during positive pressure conveying

Check screening using positive pressure for vibrating sievesRussell Blow Thru Sieve

Removes oversize contamination from powders during dilute phase pneumatic conveying, and is ideal for screening incoming ingredients, in process and before dispatch.

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Small batch powder and liquid sieving

Vibrating sieve for checking screening small batches

Mini Sifter

Check-screening small batches to remove contamination and improve product quality. Ideal for small bakeries, pilot plants and start-up companies.

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Fully automated powder sieving and handling station

sieving machine for additive manufacturingRussell AMPro Sieve Station

Fully automated powder recovery solution to guarantee the quality and purity of virgin and reclaimed powders.

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Typical applications of the Russell Compact Sieve range:


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Approx mesh count









Leaded Glaze












Iron Powder






Pharmaceutical Powder






"We required a sieving system that would enable us to check-screen the milk powder to meet the standard set not only by Nestlé but also by Chile and the countries the milk powder is being exported to. With the industry moving towards 2mm screening, it was important to choose a sieve that would meet this criteria without slowing down the production process."
Nestlé Chile
Jaime Sanchez

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