Russell Gated Outlet

Improve productivity with the Russell Gated Outlet

The Russell Gated Outlet™ improves the screening efficiency of your sieves and separators. The flow of product from the oversize outlet is controlled, enabling product to stay on the mesh for longer, reducing loss of good product.

The Russell Gated Outlet™ controls the flow of product from the oversize outlet. This is needed in instances where product leaves the mesh too soon causing good product to also discharge through the outlet. By employing the Russell Gated Outlet™ the product will stay on the mesh for longer, increasing sieving efficiency and reducing loss of good product.

Gated Outlet InflatedGated Outlet Deflated








Enjoy the many benefits of the Russell Gated Outlet:

  • Increased productivity – reduced downtime to remove oversize
  • Improved screening efficiency – allows product to be sieved before ejecting out of the outlet
  • Increased profitability – loss of good product is reduced

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