The Russell Superclamp

Increase the life of your sieving machine and minimize clamp replacement with the Russell Superclamp™


The Russell Superclamp™ is a patented innovative quick release clamp providing consistent and uniform clamping pressure. It is specifically designed to remove the need to keep adjusting clamping systems, a common problem associated with vibro sifters. This provides benefits such as increased life of clamp pads, seals and gaskets, as well as minimizing heat generation and damage to sieve deck mating surfaces.

This innovative clamping system can easily retrofit to any vibro sifter, and is very easy to set up. Its spring-loaded pressure pad gives a defined force every time to consistently seal, vastly reducing maintenance time as well as removing the risk of incorrect clamp set up.

Features and benefits:

  • Reduces maintenance and running costs – increases the life of your machine’s clamp pads and gaskets, and minimizes clamp replacements
  • Operator friendly – simple quick-release design, easy operation, set up and inspection
  • Improved product containment – fully seals the sieving unit to prevent contamination


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